Sunday, July 10, 2011

4 July 2011

Navajo Tacos at Kirk's house, then fireworks at Adrin and Ella's house.

(I published the pictures too small. I don't know if I recognize everyone correctly, but I'll give it a try.) L-R: Elle Mayes, Amanda Garner, Benjamin Hawley, Shae Reynolds (taking a hit at the pinata), McKell Garner, Emilie Hawley, Taylor Reynolds, Cody Larsen, Jaelyn Mayes.

Gilbert and Lorraine Haggen, Jacob Mayes, McKay Mayes, Shannon Mayes

Ashlie, Paul, Bryce Gardner

Elle, BrookLyn, Manda Mayes

Richard, Neil Mayes (double cousins)

Andrew Mayes, Amber Larsen (Gpa, Gma Mayes' oldest great-grandchildren)

Ivy Reynolds-38, McKay Mayes-16 (Gpa, Gma Mayes' oldest and youngest grandchildren)

Shae, Taylor, Brian, Maren Reynolds waiting for the fireworks to start.

Andrew, Adrin Mayes; Hans Hawley; Isaac Mayes setting up the fireworks display.

Do you see Abraham Lincoln's silhouette on the mountain? He's laying on his back. (view is from Adrin and Ella's house.)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mayes/Haggen Family Reunions

Saturday, July 2, 2011 at Armory Park in Lovell, Wyoming.

Shawnee and Kirk Hendershot

Nellie Mayes, Taylor Reynolds, Harold Humpherys

Nellie Mayes and Taylor Reynolds

Ivy Reynolds

Geraldine holding Ethan Hendershot, Janet Kinser (Nicole's mom and Kirk's teacher), Nicole H. holding Wilson Hendershot

Richard Mayes family
(l-r, clockwise) Mark and Shayla, Karren, Mckay, Seth holding Sam Mayes, Linda and Richard

Angie Jones (Kenneth's fiance!), Kenneth Mayes, Ella Mayes, Aden "Bubba" Mayes

Alea Mayes, Maren Reynolds

Diggers at the park (Jonathan Hawley, Michael and Whitney Hendershot)

Leslie and Patricia's children (l-r, Back row first)
Tyler Garner, Amanda G., Amber Larsen, Justin L., Leslie L., Chelsea L., Austin G.,
Heidi L., McKell G., Cody L. (some of Pauline and Steve Waters grandchildren )

Nathan Garner, Steve Waters, Robert Hawley

Isaac Mayes, Lloyd Mayes, Clarence Simmons, LeRoy Collins

Linda Mayes, Joe Mayes, Richard Mayes, Steven Waters, Leslie (Waters) Larsen

Heidi Larsen, Sariah Hendershot, Hannah Hawley

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Schedule for Reunion

Here's somewhat of a schedule for the reunion:

Saturday, July 2
early a.m.: Mayes breakfast at park
afternoon: whatever (possibly go to Horseshoe Bend)
evening: Haggen potluck (probably at Five Springs)

Sunday, July 3
8:00 a.m.: 3rd ward (Geraldine, Richard M. and family, Adrin and family, Isaac and family, Erik and family, Eli and family all attend)
9:15 a.m.: 4th ward (Lloyd and family, Kenneth attend)
1:30 p.m.: 1st ward (Juanita, Hans and family attend)
3:00 p.m.: 2nd ward (Mike and family, Mark and family, LaFonda and family attend)

Monday, July 4
Morning and afternoon: ??? (Haven't planned yet)
Evening: Navajo Taco Dinner at Janet and Kirk's house (Mike's old house on 5th street)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I started my new job at Canyons Ski Resort 4 weeks ago. I thought I'd show some pics of the view! You will see pics of my first ride on the Gondola from the base up to a midway point. You will also see picks of the Grand Summit Hotel where my office is located at the bottom of this lift.

I am now the Telecommunications Specialist for this resort. I had to move my fam down from Idaho to take the job. We live in Sandy now. We feel like the Lord has lead me up to this. When I lost my job over a year ago Rhonda and I were devastated. We moved to Idaho to be closer to family. The problem was there weren't any good paying jobs willing to hire me. I took a telecom job at Center Partners for very little pay. I figured it was just good to have a job over getting unemployment each week. Well I worked that job for ten months and learned what take others 3 years to learn about telecommunications. My boss was VERY pleased with my progress. For all his trying he couldn't get the company to give me or the other telecom techs a raise. We were so underpaid that the Fed Gov came and after auditing them they said either pay us techs more or get fined. The company decided to wait for the Gov to fine them.

Well, Once I knew I was going nowhere fast I applied to this current job. They were so impressed that they created a position just for me and gave me a $15,000/yr raise to come work for them. So here we are back in utah and grateful for our blessings.

This job has great perks as well. I get to ski the mountain for free, they will train me on snowmobiles, All restaurants and retail stores are 30% off for me, and it's a year around job. I maintain the phone system, the fiber and copper cabling, for 4 hotels, 7 restaurants, a chain of retail stores, a small call center, and several real-estate offices that cater to the filthy rich property owners.

Anyway, Rhonda and the kids are well. Aaron is 3 now, Isabel is 22 months, and Jarom is due in April. It's a pretty easy pregnancy so for for Rhonda. She is so excited for Jarom to come. I am too.

Well, take care everyone. We love you all and God bless!